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Tour to Australia you will Love the feeling of space and the sense of freedom ( For Tour Package to Australia and its cost please write to us uholidays@gmail.com , 24 X 7 9213531173, www.uniqueholidays.info ) Australia is one of the seven continents. With an area of 7, 682, 300 sq. km., it is about the size of the United States of America (excluding Alaska), or roughly all the southeast Asian countries put together, or about three quarters the size of China. Australia has a population of over 22.4 million, which works out to about 2.92 persons per sq. km. In comparison, Indonesia’s population density is 122 persons per sq. km, Thailand - 124 persons per sq. km, the Philippines - 313.4 persons per sq. km, India - 360.4 persons per sq. km, South Korea - 505.4 persons per sq. km, and Singapore - a staggering 7, 197.2 persons per sq. km!
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